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BBC Radio 4 -Today 25/09/17 - KUBLA KHAN

BBC News

Children's theatre company Oily Cart has created a unique multi-sensory experience of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's classic poem for its deafblind audience.

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After visiting venues across the UK earlier this year, our sheep-filled show IN A PICKLE has embarked on a US tour. Audiences in America will be wearing fluffy sheep ears and joining the Shepherdess’s flock for an immersive, multi-sensory theatrical experience inspired by Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale. We talked to one of the performers, Steph Rutherford, just before she jetted off…

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Ink Pellet: A Magazine for Teachers

Stephanie Rutherford, actor musician currently touring in The Sign of Four with Blackeyed Theatre, chats to Susan Elkin

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Whether it is making her Broadway debut as a sheep, playing the bass trombone, or sleuthing with Sherlock Holmes, musical actor Stephanie Rutherford will eagerly embrace the challenge.

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